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24 Stories of Prayer #5: When Hungry People Pray- South Africa

Lyndall Bywater, 26th August, 2008

"You're blessed when you've worked up a good appetite for God. He's food and drink in the best meal you'll ever eat.

Why We Gather: Stories from Faces in the Movement

, 20th August, 2008

The 24-7 movement is made up men and women from many streams of the body of Christ and many different cultures and contexts.  The greatest joy when we gather is the melting pot of experiences, wisdom and stories of praise.

Journey to the Koti People: A story from Annie Bullen

Annie Bullen, 16th August, 2008

When I left school, I didn’t have many dreams and visions about what the future held for me.  In fact, I had little real idea what I wanted to do.

Sitting at the Feet of Andy & Audrey, an article by Adri Roos

Adri Roos, 14th August, 2008

Is 24-7 Prayer a 'youth movement'? I found myself questioning this concept when I recently met up with a lovely couple in their eighties who are just as energetic and on fire for the Lord as a couple of young people on the streets of Ibiza. I went to visit Andy and Audrey Arbuthnot at their home in Worcester.

24 Stories of Prayer #4: Unified Prayer Engages with Ocult in Oulu, Finland

Carla Harding, 4th August, 2008

"The presence of God was so intense that I almost couldn't keep away from the Prayer room" How do you transform a city? The 24-7 Prayer community in Oulu, Finland are pushing through church and gender divides to cry out with one voice to the Father for change. When I first received an email from a young Finnish woman organizing a 24-7 Prayer Room in a city I was uncertain I could pronounce, the first thing that shone through the type on the screen was her heart.

Creating Community in the Park - A Story by Scot Bower

Scot Bower, 31st July, 2008

There are  plenty of places where I've seen prayer and community meet or where prayer has inspired mission or even mission that's birthed community, but its not often I witness the convergence of all three. Today has been one of those occasions.

100% Right! ... but only partly. An article by Pete Greig

Pete Greig, 29th July, 2008

Is it a snake? Is it a spear? Erm - no, it is actually an elephant. There’s an old, Persian parable about a group of blind men gathered around an elephant, trying to work out what it is.

Intentionality & Sacrifice: Praying 24-7 in Japan

Cindy Charlton, 25th July, 2008

It's 5:15 pm on Monday..

Salvation in London, UK!

, 23rd July, 2008

Just go an email from Jill McLachlan from London's City Temple church,  where they're praying 24-7 this week.  Jill tells an amazing story from their last prayer room where 'within the first two hours of starting it, two guys walked in off the street and gave their lives to the Lord.

God Is Moving 'Here & Now' In China

, 22nd July, 2008

It’s 3 am in this lofty-ceilinged art gallery space at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.  The air conditioning’s nighttime pause in this humid place has made it sticky in here, but it’s somehow appropriate.

Rhythms of Prayer for a Modern World: 24-7 Reviews Carl Tinnion's Book

Carol Baker, 21st July, 2008

‘And pray in the Spirit on all occasions and with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.

"Can Strippers Use Your Centre?": A Report from 24-7 Ibiza

Tracy Heasley, 10th July, 2008

“Is it okay for strippers to use your centre?” This was the question we were asked by a beautiful young lady who had popped into our prayer room and drop in centre in the middle of the west end of San Antonio. Our answer of course was a resounding “YES!” It’s been two months since we opened our new premises, and all I can say is that it has been an amazing success.

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