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Stories from Boy's Town: God is Saving Prostitutes

Adri Roos, 17th October, 2008

Driving into Reynosa we’re avoiding the potholes. It’s just as I remembered; colourful, bougainvillea’s, the subtle smell of sewage and the name of Mayor Oscar Luebbert Gutiérrez brightly painted on almost every other wall.

A Recurring Dream, an article by Andy Freeman

Andy Freeman, 17th October, 2008

I’d been having the same dream for over a month, maybe six or seven times.  God doesn’t often speak to me this way, so I guess he wanted to repeat things to get his point across.

God is on the Move in Europe, an article by Shannon Byous

Shannon Byous, 9th October, 2008

Christianity's been on the decline in the United Kingdom since 1851 (yes, 1851).  Although 70% of people nominally claim to be ‘Christian’, less than 10% are making even the most basic expression of that commitment (i.

A Newcomer's View of 'HOME', by Kevin Gilchrist

Kevin Gilchrist, 23rd September, 2008

My wife and I were complete newcomers to 24-7. We'd never even set foot in a prayer room before.

Postcards from America: Snapshots of What God is Doing in 24-7 USA

, 19th September, 2008

The eyes of the world are on the United States of America this month as they engage in a historical presidential election, spearhead the global financial crisis and recover from the devastation left by Hurricane Ike.  But what is God doing in 24-7 USA?  Here are some bite-sized snippets, postcards if you will, from the lives of our friends and "family" on the other side of the pond: Living for Jesus What compels a beautiful and talented young woman to turn down a prestigious career offer?  Stacey Cunningham stepped away from a $50,000 job in order to coordinate prayer across the state of Maryland.

Prayers of Tears in the Desert Place, an article by Andrea Percy

Andrea Percy, 4th September, 2008

When suffering hits our world and those around us, when we’re in a place of the deepest pain, where is God? Why, so often, are our cries reciprocated with apparent silence? I’ve wrestled with these questions.  In that place of pain it’s like nothing fits anymore with what we thought, with our view of God and his nature.

24 Stories of Prayer #6: Missionaries to Dreamers - Wild Hope, Tanzania

Lyndall Bywater, 3rd September, 2008

“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” (John 10:10, The Message) For the past few years, Byron and Lisa Borden have been much-loved mentors and leaders in the 24-7 Prayer movement.

Light in the Darkness: Prayer on the Burmese Border

Jeff Hatcher, 28th August, 2008

It’s just after 2 in the morning on the 9th of August 2008.  Around me are a dozen young people, teens and twenties with heads bowed.

24 Stories of Prayer #5: When Hungry People Pray- South Africa

Lyndall Bywater, 26th August, 2008

"You're blessed when you've worked up a good appetite for God. He's food and drink in the best meal you'll ever eat.

Why We Gather: Stories from Faces in the Movement

, 20th August, 2008

The 24-7 movement is made up men and women from many streams of the body of Christ and many different cultures and contexts.  The greatest joy when we gather is the melting pot of experiences, wisdom and stories of praise.

Journey to the Koti People: A story from Annie Bullen

Annie Bullen, 16th August, 2008

When I left school, I didn’t have many dreams and visions about what the future held for me.  In fact, I had little real idea what I wanted to do.

Sitting at the Feet of Andy & Audrey, an article by Adri Roos

Adri Roos, 14th August, 2008

Is 24-7 Prayer a 'youth movement'? I found myself questioning this concept when I recently met up with a lovely couple in their eighties who are just as energetic and on fire for the Lord as a couple of young people on the streets of Ibiza. I went to visit Andy and Audrey Arbuthnot at their home in Worcester.

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