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Old Camel Knees and Little Old Me, an article by Jon Petersen

Jon Petersen, 8th January, 2009

I have this wonderful memory of being eleven and in America for the first time. We were back in Iowa on furlough from Japan, where I grew up.

Six Saved & Healings Reported after 18 Months of Prayer

Carla Harding, 7th January, 2009

Best. Job.

Heel, Elbow & Cancer Healed in California, USA

Sarah Bainbridge, 6th January, 2009

Yesterday I went to my seat in-between Sunday morning services.  The lady in the row behind me looked quizzically at me and asked me where I was from, not my name.

How Do We Pray During Economic Crises?

Georgina Micklewright, 20th December, 2008

Most of us are more than aware of the current economic situation the world has found itself in and the inevitable recession that is to follow. My family were very much affected by the last recession in the UK during the 90's and, therefore, I have had a strong sense of foreboding for a few months now as more and more headlines have been brought to our attention as the consequences of the 'credit crunch' hit the world's capitalist economies.

Middle East Government Makes Prayer Rooms Mandatory

, 19th December, 2008

"Is there going to be a Prayer Room in the Ibis or Radisson?" It’s a surprising question at the best of times, especially when it’s fired across a high-powered architects’ office on a dusty building site. As someone who loves 24-7 Prayer, and has done my share of stints with the Lord in Prayer Rooms over the years, this question certainly made me prick up my ears.

Thoughtful Generosity or Consumerism: Christmas Choices

Sarah Bainbridge, 18th December, 2008

We all feel the pinch at Christmas.  Each year the list of people to buy for gets longer and the number of must have gifts get larger and more expensive.

Pray For Zimbabwe: A Nation in Crisis by Andy Freeman

Andy Freeman, 11th December, 2008

“We are all terrified at what they are going to destroy next..

An Advent of Hope By Adri Roos

Adri Roos, 9th December, 2008

"People of faith are prisoners of hope" Archbishop Desmond Tutu thinks that hope is fundamental to the way we, as Christians, live our lives. I tend to agree with him because I know that when my hope fades, or even shifts to someone other than Jesus, that I'm walking on sinking sand.

Government of Mexico's Most Violent City Turns to Prayer

Carlos Sanchez, 6th December, 2008

I'm from Culiacan, Mexico.  You might not have heard of my city before.

Youtube Loves 24-7 Ibiza!

Brian Heasley, 29th November, 2008

"The story of our summer in Ibiza this year is one that could cover many pages.", writes 24-7 Ibiza team member Brian Heasley.

Salvation, Peace and Healing in Honduras

, 28th November, 2008

What happens when children spend a week of their school life praying 24-7? One school in Honduras, Central America reports young people giving their lives to Jesus, finding spiritual peace and the disappearance of heart problems. Tiffany Fischer, a teacher at the school, tells us more… “We have had an awesome 24-7.

Giving Thanks in Africa, an article by Lisa Borden

Lisa Borden, 25th November, 2008

“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.  His love endures forever.

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