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Ten Tips for Greater Faith By Pete Greig

Pete Greig, 31st August, 2009

If we want to see mountains move, cancers disappear and dollars come through the mail, we’re going to need plenty of faith in God. Jesus put it like this: If you believe you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer (Matthew 21:22) On another occasion, when the disciples’ prayers hadn’t worked, Jesus explained that it was: ‘Because you have so little faith’ (Matthew 17:20).

Let the Children Come to Me

Lindsay Ellyson, 24th August, 2009

It struck me the other day that perhaps my most promising disciple at the moment is an eight-year-old towhead named Preston, who lives in my neighborhood.  I befriended his mom at the local pool last summer and since have spent time nearly every week with this precious, but broken family.

The Leaky Prayer Room

Sarah Bainbridge, 17th August, 2009

Today I stood in an old bowling club home of the 24-7 Boiler Room in Guildford, England. A mixed bunch of friends and strangers gathered around praying.

Just Imagine: The Places Prayer Can Take Us

Carla Harding, 11th August, 2009

“God, we pray Give bread to those who do not have bread And to us who have bread give the hunger for justice” As I read these words this morning, reclining on my couch, sipping pure apple juice and listening to the music of Chopin, a few months of study whirled in my mind.  Recently I’ve been revisiting the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to usher in Kingdom life and relationships.

Pete Greig Joins a Cult

Pete Greig, 3rd August, 2009

I just joined a cult. I realize this may come as a disappointment to some of you and I hope we can still be friends – in fact I am hoping to stay involved in 24-7, if you’ll still have me.

Blood on the Doorstep By Susanna Rychiger

Susanna Rychiger, 27th July, 2009

I was recently asked, ‘what does a typical Friday morning in your Community house in Thun, Switzerland look like?’  The question threw me a little, when you live with a community of people all focused on loving Jesus and living the best they can slap bang in the middle of the nightlife of our city… there isn’t a lot that’s normal.  The only way to answer their question was to describe just one recent Friday and how we responded to blood on our doorstep… 1am – I wake up slowly, through the open window I hear loud screams from the streets.

God's Justice By Peter Stanley

Peter Stanley, 20th July, 2009

There’s been a rumbling for some time & now its here; the third part of ‘Prayer-Mission-Justice,’ the threefold call of 24-7 Prayer. We’re feeling God’s call to rise to this and are just now working out what it will mean.

Prayer is Changing the World! By Pete Greig

Pete Greig, 14th July, 2009

This week non-Christian teenagers are experiencing God in a 24-7 Prayer Room. Not in a church building but at their school in Romford, England.

Do We Believe Impossible Things? By Judith Bennett

, 10th July, 2009

The Salvation Army in New Zealand has been impacted by eighteen months of 24-7 Prayer.  The fire of prayer has been ignited and lessons of faith have been learned.

US Billboards Attack Prayer: Pete Greig Responds

Pete Greig, 7th July, 2009

Prayer is pointless! At least, according to a massive billboard campaign launched on 1st July in five American States. Hot on the heals of the recent atheist bus campaign in London, these new billboards, sponsored  by the American Humanist Association, read: “WANT A BETTER WORLD? Prayer Not Required!” and they’re being erected this month in Washington, D.

Vampires, Prostitutes & Elvis in Ibiza

Brian Heasley, 23rd June, 2009

When you live on the party island of Ibiza, dubbed ‘Sodom & Gomorra’ by British Tabloids, normality is a strange thing.  What does it look like to love your neighbour on a strip of road with the highest concentration of bars in Europe?  The 24-7 Ibiza team, four years into making their home on this Balearic Isle, give us a glimpse of what an average night in the West End of San Antonio looks like and how they are being salt and light to Vampires, Prostitutes and Elvis… “The guys were all sitting around the kitchen table yesterday discussing the previous evening's street work.

Shining Bright in the Balkans by Scot Bower

Scot Bower, 19th June, 2009

24-7 activists just convened in the ancient Bible-land of Macedonia where East meets West, Europe becomes Asia, and Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims nervously jostle for power. Scott Bowers, who sold everything and moved to the capital Skopje with his wife and young children, describes the wonderful ways in which the Lord renewed and deepened important relationships.

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