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Journeys with Jesus in Central Asia

The Phantom Intercessor, 6th September, 2010

Jesus’ invitation to me to “come away with Him” to Asia was a beautiful one, and as usual He had much more in mind than I did! Over the past 2 months I have ventured out with my Father, journeying in 3 Asian countries with 3 different teams on an adventure that I’m sure will continue to change my life. It is odd to be away from home for so long - knowing that life  continues without me, that my garden grows but I can’t eat from it, and that I am in an utterly foreign place different in just about every way than where I’ve come from! But, I don’t miss my homeland - I miss my family and friends but not much else.

Riding the Wave

Scot Bower, 30th August, 2010

'Why are young people so important to the church?' A man with a professional looking movie camera had pushed what appeared to be a furry woodland creature under my nose and was firing questions at me. Quick questions that anticipated smart off the cuff replies for a slick promo to advertise 24-7 Prayer’s international gathering… at least that was the idea.

Edinburgh Prays 'What if?'

Sheena Littlehale, 23rd August, 2010

What do you get when you take a group of nine Americans, a hand-painted map of Edinburgh and an empty room in a church basement? An amazing moment that started eight years ago. My first visit to Scotland was on a ministry trip to the UK in 2002 as part of a prayer team from my hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Approaching God as Mother

Lisa Borden, 16th August, 2010

Lisa Borden's first book 'Approaching God' explores some of the ways we can approach God in prayer. The book is beautifully illustrated both with pictures and some of Lisa's poetry.

Rising Generation Praying in Asia

The Phantom Intercessor, 9th August, 2010

It’s midnight and I’ve just shown up to the 24-7 Prayer Centre at this Camp in Hong Kong, for my midnight to 3 am “monitoring” slot. As I entered the room, I am met by sweet and simple sights… A Chinese girl from Hong Kong receiving prayer from two of my teammates, and she gets up, joyful and giving out goodbye hugs.

The Egg and Spoon Race of Life

Pete Greig, 2nd August, 2010

There was an afternoon in June when I extricated myself early from the office to attend Danny’s Sports Day. I was looking forward to watching very little people running about with egg-and-spoon, three-legged, relay, and that one where you hop around in sacks.

Life Changing Moments

Carla Harding, 26th July, 2010

Something happens when God's people get together; the creator of the universe shows up.  Crazier still if we listen, He speaks!  What happens next, how we respond is then up to us.

Jesus Loves Ibiza

Rachel Wegner, 19th July, 2010

With sleepy eyes and weary bodies, we negotiated our bags into the 24-7 Ibiza van, more fondly known as “The Vomit Wagon.” Our last night on the streets of San Antonio was just a few short hours behind us as we made our way to the airport.

Anyone else got 'Passion Fatigue'?

Pete Greig, 13th July, 2010

Things are smoking right now on planet 24-7. This is one of our most exciting times ever.

Come on! Let's change the world

Pete Greig, 6th July, 2010

The Hebrews have a saying: ‘God is not a kindly old uncle; He’s an earthquake’. Whenever we give our time and passion, to prayer and mission, an earthquake of God’s presence is born… One of the most extraordinary historical examples of such a shaking culminated exactly one hundred years ago.

Glimpses of Blessing Promises of Hope

Ian Nicholson, 28th June, 2010

"Go and look toward the sea," Elijah told his servant. And he went up and looked.

Prayer Spaces in Schools Sweep the UK

Phil Togwell, 21st June, 2010

"I wasn't expecting this!" said Sam, the school chaplain, barely able to contain his excitement. "I think this could completely change my role in the school!" Last week, Sam and his small team of volunteers hosted their first Prayer Space in a secondary school not far from where I live in Romford, and I called him on Wednesday just to ask how things were going.

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