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Does This Mean War? By Pete Greig

Pete Greig, 1st February, 2010

‘To clasp the hands in prayer,’ wrote the Swiss Theologian Karl Barth, ‘is the beginning of an uprising’. The uprising begins, of course, in us.

Think Global, Act Local By Rebecca Dunning

Rebecca Dunning, 25th January, 2010

I bought a T-shirt last year that says, "Think Global, Act local”.  I like it and I think it’s quite a fitting summary of the justice heart of 24-7 Prayer.

Emmanuel '09 By Carla Harding

Carla Harding, 18th January, 2010

“As soon as I walked into the room – BANG! – It’s just God.” UK Sep 09 We have a good God who has not abandoned us and is alive and at work in our world right now.

The 'Decisive Moment' of our Lives?

Pete Greig, 11th January, 2010

There’s a new movement of students in America. Reports are coming in of remarkable outpourings of the Holy Spirit from Kansas City to Redding, California.

Are You Ready For The Best Year Ever?

Pete Greig, 4th January, 2010

2010 marks the culmination of a decade of non-stop prayer and is destined to be the most significant year in 24-7’s history with the Campus America initiative, a year of prayer across Scotland and so many other exciting international possibilities for the decade to come. Not since 24-7 began at the turn of the millennium has there been a better time to get involved and to deepen your commitment to prayer, justice and church planting.

2010: The Vision is Still Jesus

Brian Heasley, 28th December, 2009

At the beginning of the last decade Pete Greig wrote in an inspired call to prayer this memorable line, “The vision is Jesus, obsessively, dangerously, undeniably Jesus” Hard to believe that it was written 10 years ago! In those 10 years a lot has happened; we’ve all grown up. Yet in the midst of our growing up and at the turn of a new decade we know this one thing: The vision is still Jesus.

Welcoming Jesus: An African Christmas

Lisa Borden, 21st December, 2009

The best thing about December in Africa is the simplicity that surrounds Christmas here. The entire holiday comes in a stripped back form and there is poignancy to the message that remains.

Pray Now for Climate Conference By Resa Daven

Resa Daven, 15th December, 2009

Right now the world’s leaders are gathering to discuss what most probably is the biggest crisis the world has seen, making the current economic crisis a foot note in our world’s history in comparison.  Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, droughts are more common and occuring longer, sea levels are rising, threatening to submerge entire islands, making the inhabitants of Carteret Atoll, close to Papua New Guinea, the first climate refugees that literally don’t have a home.

Connecting the World By Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson, 14th December, 2009

We started a series a few weeks ago profiling a few of the unsung hero’s beneath the surface of this ever-growing 24-7 community.  Today I have the privilege of introducing one of the most faithful servants who’s work has impacted even you.

Can Prayer Impact Human Trafficking?

Andy Freeman, 7th December, 2009

God has been speaking to many of us about a similar issue.  When I wrote a 24-7 blog post calling for Prayer about human trafficking, I was slightly overwhelmed by the response.

All or Nothing By Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson, 16th November, 2009

24-7 Prayer has many unsung heroes who sacrificially serve the movement and change the world through prayer. Let me introduce you to the most colourful… Charlotte Terris is instantly recognisable.

Revolutionary Prayers By Pete Greig

Pete Greig, 8th November, 2009

Can our prayers change nations? Did prayer really help bring down the Berlin Wall? 20 years ago today the world watched stunned - from the Kremlin to the White House - as the wall which had separated East from West for more than quarter of a century came crashing down. And remarkably one of the sparks which detonated this seismic change was.

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