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Reality Bites

Carla Harding, 12th November, 2010

“Where should I look?” Is the uncertain question I direct at the young man behind the complicated recording equipment.  (There’s nothing that provokes uncomfortable self-analysis like a video camera.

Count Me In!

Alana Wiens, 2nd November, 2010

One of my personal highlights from the Magnify gathering in September was Saturday night.  I stood at the side of the hall as Pete Greig wrapped up his message to us, a call to the next decade, and asked for those who wanted to be part of this to stand.

The Shocking Truth Behind Child Sex Trafficking

Amanda Siebold, 27th October, 2010

International relief organisations estimate there are 300,000 – 400,000 children working as prostitutes in the United States and the average age of someone entering into prostitution in the US is just 12 years old. I’d like to take a moment to share my heart with you about a particular trafficking issue that has been a growing passion of mine over the last three years.

Tragedy in Baghdad

Canon Andrew White, 25th October, 2010

The pain of the past week is just too severe to mention in full.  There are only some things I can share, but please know there are certain things that are too painful, difficult and delicate for me to write about here.

Gods and Monsters

Davey Spens, 18th October, 2010

God is not the same as he was when I was a kid. He couldn’t possibly be.

God of the Possible

Pete Greig, 11th October, 2010

I recently heard a preacher say this: ‘If it’s possible, it’s not God’. He was talking about miracles and we all like miracles.

Positive Prayer

Carla Harding, 7th October, 2010

No matter how soothing an alarm sound I choose, when my phone goes off at 6.30am it’s a rude awakening.

Top 10 Magnify Moments

Scot Bower, 27th September, 2010

Last weekend over 400 people from 22 countries gathered in Scotland for 24-7 Prayer's international gathering Magnify. Edinburgh is an incredible city and served as an amazing backdrop to an inspiring weekend.

Announcing our 2020 Vision

Pete Greig, 20th September, 2010

‘Where is 24-7 Prayer going next?’ It’s a question I’m often asked and in Scotland last week we responded by launching our 2020 Vision; a roadmap for the next decade of prayer, mission and justice. We have an amazing opportunity to impact our generation with the gospel and in particular we believe that the Lord is giving us three strategic keys: Prioritizing Prayer – We are blessed with Prayer Rooms all over the world so we’re going to continue to catalyze, connect and resource focused intercession in churches, on campuses and across cities.

Celebrating 10 Years of Mission

Scot Bower, 13th September, 2010

Since 24-7 Prayer began 10 years ago Prayer Rooms all over the world have been spilling over with mission. The logic is simple: In prayer we begin to see the world from God’s perspective - our hearts are changed to be more like His - we go out from the place of prayer with Him, to take the love and message of Jesus to the world.

Journeys with Jesus in Central Asia

The Phantom Intercessor, 6th September, 2010

Jesus’ invitation to me to “come away with Him” to Asia was a beautiful one, and as usual He had much more in mind than I did! Over the past 2 months I have ventured out with my Father, journeying in 3 Asian countries with 3 different teams on an adventure that I’m sure will continue to change my life. It is odd to be away from home for so long - knowing that life  continues without me, that my garden grows but I can’t eat from it, and that I am in an utterly foreign place different in just about every way than where I’ve come from! But, I don’t miss my homeland - I miss my family and friends but not much else.

Riding the Wave

Scot Bower, 30th August, 2010

'Why are young people so important to the church?' A man with a professional looking movie camera had pushed what appeared to be a furry woodland creature under my nose and was firing questions at me. Quick questions that anticipated smart off the cuff replies for a slick promo to advertise 24-7 Prayer’s international gathering… at least that was the idea.

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