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One Day Like This

Pete Greig, 8th March, 2011

Weddings… Biopsy results… World Cup Finals..

Let Your Light Shine

Ralf Neumann, 21st February, 2011

Amidst the imposing concrete tower blocks an abandoned youth centre hides away. Spray painted across the windows an angry question has been left by the forgotten youth “Now where do we go?”.

One Voice

Jo Herbert, 15th February, 2011

‘I call you to find those who will marry social justice with prayer…’ Cyndi Jacobs to 24-7 Prayer June 2008. The summer of 2008 was one of increasing personal unrest.

Guatemalan Youth Pray Peace in Violent City

Anna Perkins, 9th February, 2011

What do you do when your city has the 3rd highest murder rate in the world?  Anna Perkins from Guatemala shares the moving testimony of young people crying out in prayer…   I am a short term missionary working in Guatemala city. I've worked with street children and more recently alongside my church, CEFEMI.

When God Gives us Gold

Lisa Borden, 31st January, 2011

Remembering Ken McGreavy’s Words to our Movement What I’ll always remember about Ken McGreavey is his smile.  Peaceful in the often slightly chaotic happiness of our gatherings, Ken carried a deep, calm joy that made him stand out, though he sat quietly, nothing about him seeking attention.

Red Moon Wonder

Roger Nix, 17th January, 2011

Millions witnessed a spectacular Red Moon Rising on 21st December but Roger Nix went to bed early. Then God woke him with a remarkable message… The last lunar eclipse to coincide with the northern winter solstice was 372 years ago.

I'm a university student...

Nathan Chud, 10th January, 2011

When I first composed this piece, I was simply journaling about the tensions surrounding university life.  Soon I started imagining what other people go through during these years as they trying to figure out who God is, who they are, and how everything in-between fits into the equation.

Campus America: A Year of Prayer

Rachel Wegner, 27th December, 2010

As difficult as it is to summarize an entire Year of Prayer (and the five years leading up to it, for that matter), we wanted to take a look back at the incredible response to the simple call to prayer put forth by Campus America. Based on our Prayer Calendar alone, we logged 26,000+ hours of prayer, which included 174 campuses.

Living in the Light of Christmas

Scot Bower, 27th December, 2010

The warmth of Christmas day is still with me, as is that seasonal bloated feeling that comes with eating too much turkey. The Christmas feast stays a while and, in the UK at least, the 26th December is a second public holiday we call Boxing Day.

Thanking God this Christmas

Carla Harding, 20th December, 2010

Christmas Day approaches and Jesus followers around the world are preparing to celebrate the day God “became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood” (John1:14).  As I finish wrapping gifts and buy the last ingredients for our festive feast, my attention turns to the preparation of my heart.

Transforming Arizona

Deb Fritch, 15th December, 2010

Non-Stop Prayer is Transforming Arizona This is the testimony of a State in America that is three times the size of Scotland and has a population of 6.6 million people.

An Advent Parable

Pete Greig, 10th December, 2010

Before the snows, my kids went a little mad, quivering with levels of primal anticipation beyond anything their mini bodies could contain. They prayed for snow at bedtime, they expected snow in the morning.

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