Red Moon Wonder

Roger Nix, January 17th, 2011

Millions witnessed a spectacular Red Moon Rising on 21st December but Roger Nix went to bed early. Then God woke him with a remarkable message…

The last lunar eclipse to coincide with the northern winter solstice was 372 years ago.  That’s a chunk of time, but I went to bed anyway around 11:30pm. It would be nice to see the eclipse but I was more exhausted than interested. A little past 1am, however, I inexplicably woke and it wasn’t the kids. Wasn’t my dogs either. So why was I up?  Did the Lord want me to pray?  Now I’ve done my share of night-shifts in 24-7 Prayer Rooms over the years but I’m really not a “wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-pray” kind of guy. That kind of stuff is more in my wife’s department.

Then it hit me. There it was. The impression: the “voice of God” kind of impression: “Go outside and take a look at the eclipse. I woke you up to see it.”  I thought to myself, “I wonder why God wants me to look at this particular eclipse.”  And again, I heard this impression, “because I want you to see what I can do.”  So I put on my bath-robe and slippers and walked outside in the cool night air.   As I looked up at the moon being overtaken by the earth’s shadow, I felt the Lord speak:

If I can align and order the planets of the solar system then I can align and order the affairs of your life, your children’s lives, or any other life for that matter. If I can cover over an entire planet, then I can cover over a multitude of mistakes and evil in the world.

It was a special moment for me.   A sense of peace came over me and my heart grew in love and adoration for this God who sent His son 2000 years ago to make the world right again.
At Christmas we remembered the prophet Isaiah speaking of Jesus birth 700 years before it actually happened. He predicted that the government of the world would be upon Christ’s shoulders. He would be in control and his rule would bring us all peace.

As we enter 2011, things like lunar eclipses that happen once every 400 years can remind us all that God is so much bigger than our planet, let alone our own little lives. And in my particular part of the solar system, He is governing, ordering and aligning all the things that pertain to me.   He is in control even when life seems out of control. And when I remember that, His peace increases. So this year may you be like the wise men who recognized the sign of His coming in the heavens and worshipped Him. And may there be no end to the increase of His government or peace in your life.

Roger Nix  and his wife Donna began leading a local community called Believers Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (United States) in 2001with a simple vision to see radical transformation of people, communities and cultures by the spirit of God.  Their heart is to birth these type of missional communities worldwide.  Roger is part of the National US Board for 24-7 Prayer and the US Communities Team.  He and Donna's greatest missional community is their family Joel age 21, Anthony, Age 12 and Julia Age 8, Blue (42 in dog years) and Puff (14 in dog years.)

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  • Catie Eliza Raikes
    31st Jan

    Wow! I miss God speaking to me in that clear impression Kind of way. And I really really need to trust His alingning things and plans at the moment, need to trust that whatever happens HE is GOD and can totally take care of things. It’s hard though, because, I know there are people who love God who are in situations that are just NOT okay… so what makes me think that God would object to me being in situations that are NOT okay? He is sovreighn and trustworthy, but I still feel a bit helpless and worried… where is my faith? Why am I so feeble? haha

    God I love you and I’m sorry. Help me to trust you. xx

  • claire
    29th Jan

    Thank you so much, that was such an encouragement, come across by ‘accident’!! Claire

  • Alessandra Oceguera
    29th Jan

    Wow , those are lots of years , U know how I got to this website , the book was talking to me , and having the website on the page. This website was a good webstie. :D thank you GOd.

  • Jim MacDonald
    25th Jan

    Missed this eclipse, realized the following morning. Read Red Moon Rizing and still wonder if a boiler room in Ocala Fl is there. Need the Lord in my life so much

  • Shona
    24th Jan

    Our God indeed reigns. How amazing is His love for us and his creation. Thanks Roger – if only I had seen that eclipse, the wonder of God’s hand. Inspiring as we face a new year ahead.

  • Bradley
    24th Jan

    thank you so very much for the post

    The words that He spoke to you really blessed me in a profound way. I’ve been seeing Him aligning things in and around me for quite some time, but there’s been general unrest and doubt rising up in me at the sight of, what sometimes looks like broken chaos… He’s really got this whole thing down though. I forget how intelligent and capable He is. I pray blessings over you and your family in Jesus’ name! cheers!

  • Carla
    24th Jan

    You post was a wonderful confirmation! The Lord too woke me to see and experience this eclipse. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong while watching it, and I was so filled with worship of who He is and His majesty. An extra gift was seeing a shooting star during it and my heart was so filled with His love for us and how He is in control. It was powerful and I believe He wants His children to know how much He loves us.
    Thank you for sharing

  • Chana Keefer
    23rd Jan

    Great article, Roger. How cool to see your smiling face on here. Hug Donna and your whole amazing family for me!


  • Toyin
    23rd Jan

    Hmm really good. Yes creation tell the wonder of God!! Amazing

  • Steve
    22nd Jan

    At the end of Job in ch42: 4-6 God said “Listen now and I will speak; I will question you, and you shall answer me”. And Job’s reflection, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you”.

    Roger, I loved your obedience in listening to God that night and his revelation to you as he spoke to you. A deep but frighteningly simple lesson for me!

  • Mike M
    20th Jan

    I love this article, actually loved it. As I read your words about what God whispered to you, it took me back to where I was when I watched the eclipse. I was in Haiti, working night shift in a cholera clinic and all the staff (USA, Canadian, Irish, Swedish and Haitan) all looked at the eclipse. To hear your words speak of God aligning the affairs of our lives is perfect for those in Haiti. Thanks for this.

  • John
    19th Jan

    very cool – Jesus remains the Lord, He reigns. God bless the prayers!

  • Pete
    17th Jan

    Fantastic article – thanks Roger.
    I appreciate it particularly because these opening weeks of 2011 have been so turbulent with devastating floods in Brazil and Australia, political turmoil in Tunisia and Belarus, violence against Christians in Iraq, Iran and Egypt. But the Prince of Peace is in control and we intercede from a place of security, confidence and hope.

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