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We are about homeless youth, the arts, lambs and prodigals, celtic monasticism, transitional housing, having family, the Wild Goose and prayer. We do it all in the most diverse neighbourhood in the United States.

There are over 100 languages within 1 1/2 miles.

We are across the street from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Children's threatre. Minneapolis has the world's most theatres per capita.

There are two shelters and the largest daily free meal in the city within 4 blocks.

The Fallout Urban Art Center (gallery, music venue, prayer room, skate ramp, kitchen, showers and outreach offices) in our hub. The FAI Art Coop (23 artist studios) and the Joshua House Community (discipleship house) are within 2 blocks. Homeless youth, urban poor, internationals, Muslims, young artists, Bahi and alternative religious groups have all visited our Urban Prayer Room.

We seek to be a community that offers home and belonging to the marginalized, overcoming abusive pasts, engaging issues of drugs, prostitutions, high school dropouts. Being family for lambs and prodigals has been a core value, and we have seen over 200 live in discipleship community homes since 1995.

Connected and inspired by the Northumbria community since 1993, we seek to be diverse cross-generational community. We have a growing core community of around 50 (including 20 under the age of 10). We host a summer team and internships.


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