24-7 Communities: Emmaus Road

Emmaus Road

We are Community

Emmaus Road is a prayer and mission community based in Guildford, Surrey which is focused on three core commitments:

  • To be true to Christ
  • To be kind to all people
  • To take the Gospel to the nations

The Boiler Room is a growing community of local people and together we’re making a positive difference in Guildford and around the world through the power of prayer and friendship. The heart and soul of it all is Jesus. We just love connecting people with the living God of the Bible

We are Church

Emmaus Road is an expression of the church of Guildford:

  • Core Community - A growing core community sharing lives together and expressing 6 core values through lifestyles of Prayer, Justice, Hospitality, Creativity, Learning and Mission.
  • Wider Community - local Christians from a variety of congregations, groups and organisations, that connect into the Boiler Room through prayer weeks, townwide initiatives, mission projects and training.
  • 24-7 Catalyst - Emmaus Road is a resource and catalyst to the wider 24-7 Prayer movement. It is also training base where individuals and teams are developed and prepared to go and initiate Boiler Rooms elsewhere – particularly focused on Europe.

Practically we meet regularly in a local pub (see website for details of when and where) and in homes and coffee shops throughout the week. Emmaus Road is composed of 4 beautifully diverse collectives each with it's own flavour. (You can find out all about our collectives on the website.)


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