24-7 Communities: Colchester Boiler Room

Colchester Boiler Room

"Lord help me to... be true to Christ, kind to people and to take the gospel to the nations..."

Sounds simple? These are the very same words that were prayed by 15 year old German boy and his friends that would lead to the formation of community and later to a missionary effort that would reach the far corners of the earth.

As we sit together in our lounge or wherever we are, 5 days a week praying these simple words together we begin to dream of change, maybe are friends will join us as we pray? Maybe, our neighbours will ask us to pray? and maybe, we will begin to see a shift towards ‘the way’

We are a small community yet rooted on a history of prayer. Richard and Katy Smith, having been around the 24-7 Prayer movement from the beginning have dreamed big dreams. From having a borrowed garage filled with post-it notes and fairy lights, to being given a house to host community from, from two people with a vision to 10 people on a mission, those dreams, have begun to gathered momentum.

From our base, a large four bedroom house on a new housing estate a short walk from the town centre we meet daily to pray and weekly to be community and listen to Jesus. As we also gather in 2’s and 3’s to read the bible and pray, our dream is that more will want to join and learn about Jesus. We are learning together how to carry our rhythms of life and faith together and what it means for us to ‘be church’ in a perhaps, unconventional way. Our rhythms include, eating together with family and friends, supporting a weekly meal with a local charity for homeless young people and hosting a family friendly ‘church’ time once a month and committing to pray, together and individually. With support from many local believers and church groups together our aim is simple....

To be true to Christ, kind to People and to take to gospel to the nations......

If you would like to know more or even come to see and be a part of our life here please contact Richard or Katy... or check out colchesterboilerroom.blogspot.com


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