What Is A Boiler Room?

Published: September 16th, 2005

What is a 24-7 Boiler Room Community?
The Purposes, Principles & Practices of a Boiler Room

A 24-7 Boiler Room is a simple Christian community that practices a daily rhythm of prayer, study and celebration while caring actively for the poor and the lost.

(i)    The Two Purposes: a 24-7 Boiler Room exists to love God in prayer and to love its neighbours in practice.  These purposes are contextualised in  community and expressed in a defined location.
(ii)    The Three Principles: at the heart of every Boiler Room is a living community committed to being...
    1. Authentic: True to Christ
    2. Relational: Kind to People
    3. Missional: Gospel to the World

(iii)    The Six Practices: Every Boiler Room Community applies the three principles practically through six core activities:
A Boiler Room is true to Christ by being:

+++ A prayerful community practicing a daily rhythm of intercession, contemplation and Christian worship.

+++ A creative community where artistic expressions of prayer and worship may take the form of art, sculpture, new music, poetry, dance etc.
A Boiler Room is kind to people by being:

+++ A merciful community where the practical needs of the local poor are met and where liberation is championed.

+++ A hospitable community where pilgrims are welcomed, meals are shared and where friendships can flourish across boundaries of race and culture.
A Boiler Room is committed to the sharing the gospel by being:

+++ A missional community existing for the sake of those who don’t know Jesus both locally and cross-culturally.  To act as well as to pray.

+++ A learning community of training and discipleship, where people are growing in their faith, their life-skills and their ability to lead.

For plenty more on the heart and history of Boiler Rooms, read Pete Greig's "Red Moon Rising."



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