The Vision Course

The Headlines:
Guildford, UK:
We will be offering a 5-month option based in Guildford, UK, culminating with a 6-week International cross-cultural mission adventure.
Autumn Course:
18 September 2015 - 7 February 2016
£4200 inclusive of all tuition fees, accommodation, conferences and 6 week mission trip.

Kansas City, USA:
We will be offering 9-month option in Kansas City, with potential opportunities for local, national or international mission.
September 1, 2015 - June 1, 2016

$3,200 individuals / $6,000 married couples. This figure covers tuition, but does not including housing, living expenses or outreach costs. Feel free to contact the Vision Course KC team with any questions.

A life-changing experience of radical discipleship, personal growth and 24-7 prayer. The Vision Course will help you lay foundations of biblical knowledge, cross-cultural mission, character development and, of course, prayer for the rest of your life. 

You will LIVE amongst a vibrant prayer-centered community in the UK or USA, LEARN about who God is and who you are in His eyes (journeying through the entire bible), and LOVE the world in practical ways including a 6 week mission adventure. It’s spiritual formation, biblical education and social transformation all rolled into one amazing course.

It's called The Vision Course after Pete Greig’s Vision poem, a radical call to discipleship written on the wall of the first 24-7 prayer room, which went on to galvanize millions of disciples around the world. If your vision is to change the world, The Vision Course will change your life.


Quality Life Rhythms in:

  • Local Church Community
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Living among a Church Family
  • Mentoring and Personal Growth
  • Local Mission Engagement


12 weeks of foundational teachings answering these Questions:

  • Who is God ? - Theology/God Story
  • What has He Done ? - Gospel & Kingdom
  • How do I know Him ? - Relational Spirituality
  • Who am I ? - Identity & Value
  • Who are we to one another ? - Kingdom Family/Church
  • How do we relate to the world ? - Worldview/Participation
  • What are we to do ? - Vocation/Mission
  • What's been done before ? - Historical Clarity
  • How do we prepare ? - Leadership & Project Development

Watch a few of our lecturers  share snippets of their favourite Vision Course topics:



The Vision Course culminates with a cross-cultural mission adventure. Your specific field assignment will be developed during the Live/Learn stages and launched out of a place of prayer and commissioning. 

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