24-7 Academy: Live. Learn. Love.

24-7 Academy is the global learning community of 24-7 Prayer. We are excited to offer life-changing courses that will equip you in your prayerful pursuit of the Father's kingdom and your participation in Jesus' mission, as you join the Spirit's work in our world. All of our courses are designed with three core experiences in our approach to training.


Living in the rhythms of a vibrant prayer community is an essential experience that orients your soul to being at home with the presence of God in the fellowship of friends.

Character is best tried and made true in the pressure of honest, respectful and open relationships. We welcome a culture of encouragement and challenge for personal growth by speaking the truth in love and responding with repentance in joyful humility.

Community living, rhythms of prayer, and missional work are guided by compassionate pastors who will care for your soul as we do lIfe together.


Learning is best imprinted in experiential mentor-based relationships that participate in the context of what is being studied or explored. We load up our learning with quality conversations lead by bright minded mentors, offering teaching that honors both inspiring instruction and investigative inquiry.

We love the model of Jesus with his disciples and the Apostle Paul with Timothy as our way of imparting life-on-life learning. The content of our curriculum is based in the ancient wisdom of the Scriptures, but interpreted into our current context with practical applications.


Loving people is the nature of God and our inheritance in Christ. The Father's adoption dream to bring us home and share his love with us by His Spirit is our pleasure to enjoy and message to herald.

The Gospel commands us to be the ambassadors of reconciliation to all peoples everywhere. We'd love to help you share Jesus' love with specific groups of people in innovative, sustainable ways. This could be a long-term local project or a short-term global mission, but will definitely be one of the most challenging things you've ever done.

We look forward to guiding you through a life-changing experience of personal growth as you engage the inward journey of spiritual formation and are empowered to be an agent of social transformation.