The 24-7 Story

Red Moon Rising By Pete Greig & Dave Roberts

24-7 is at the centre of a prayer revival across the globe and this book gives a fantastic insight into what God is doing with ordinary prayer warriors. Martin Smith, Delirious?

 From nations like Communist China, to the ranks of the Salvation Army and in unexpected places like anarchic German punk festivals and the US Naval Academies, the 24-7 Prayer movement has been interceding continually, night and day, since 1999 in more than ninety countries. A new generation is learning to pray and obey like never before. Meet the people behind the origins of the movement, hear just a few of the life-changing stories, God’s victories and the challenges we’ve faced. You’ll be laughing, crying and praying through one of the most envisioning books you’ll read this year. Our story demonstrates that anything is possible when ordinary people say yes to the whispers of an Almighty God.

Red Moon Rising is not just a book; it's an invitation. I have accepted the invitation. I think you will too. Floyd McClung, author of The Father Heart Of God

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The Vision Poem

The words of 'The Vision' were written late one night on the wall of the first ever 24-7 Prayer Room. It wasn't a big deal, says Pete Greig, ... just a very personal thing - trying to work out the call on my life and why I was awake at 0300 praying when sane people are all tucked up in bed! But somehow the words of The Vision escaped that Prayer Room! They must have been copied off the wall by someone and sent as an email to a friend. Pete recalls: I didn't realise any of this until someone in Canada emailed my own poem to me saying they had come across it and thought I might like it!

Before long The Vision was being printed in magazines, remixed by DJ's in New York and Sweden and even choreographed in Spain! In August 2001 The Vision was published in a magazine called 'The Way' which circulates a staggering 100,000 underground churches in China. The very same week the words were quoted by 10,000's of American young people at an event called 'The Call' in Washington DC. Somehow the words scrawled on a Prayer Room wall had taken on a life of their own. The Vision had become a personal mission-statement for many - a generational call to arms.

The Vision made us realise that God was doing something with our prayers, something immeasurably bigger than we could 'ask or hope or imagine'. Perhaps it's another indication that the Spirit really is moving across the nations, uniting the generation with one dream, one passion and one Commander in Chief.

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24-7 Shorts

The 24-7 Shorts are a labor of love by an incredible team of filmmakers, designers, web developers, writers and more. As the movement of 24-7 Prayer continues to grow virally and expand at a rate impossible to track these short documentaries focus in on specific communities and situations. Using these particular testimonies of prayer, mission, community, creativity and vision the 24-7 Shorts paint a picture of the diversity and depth of what God is doing through the 24-7 Prayer movement. Check out the Shorts, download them and spread the word about 24-7 Prayer.