Leadership & Structure

Some people ask why a viral movement like 24-7 Prayer needs a leadership structure. It's important to distinguish, therefore, between the 24-7 Prayer movement (which does not require human leadership) and the 24-7 Prayer community (which does require leadership for the sake of good communication, mutual care, accountability and the sharing of resources)

  • The 24-7 'movement' is viral, self-perpetuating, unbranded and dynamic. We believe that no human can legitimately claim responsibility or credit for this sovereign, global surge of prayer (John 3:8). An example of the 24-7 movement at work might be the recent multiplication of many hundreds of 24-7 prayer rooms in South America, without any recourse to the global 24-7 resources or networks.
  • The 24-7 'community' is a global family of churches and operational teams at the heart of the wider 24-7 movement. Members of the 24-7 community are committed to one another, to the unfolding 24-7 narrative and to the fulfiment of the 24-7 vision according to our shared values. The 24-7 Community connects through the 'Trinity Fractal' of relationships, as well as through Prayer Rooms, the internet and global gatherings. An example of  the 24-7 Community might be a Boiler Room or a National Resource Center, busy catalyzing, connecting and resourcing the wider prayer movement.

Friends and Family

The distinction between 'movement' and 'community' may also be described in terms of 'family' and 'friends'. The 24-7 Community is like a Family from many nations and cultures; members may look different but they share the same essential DNA and are therefore committed to one another. 

The 24-7 family resources and blesses the many Friendships forged through the wider movement of night-and-day prayer. While these friends may share our vision, we acknowledge that they have a different DNA and therefore a different level of relational commitment. Eg We are delighted to serve any church that incorporates 24-7 Prayer into their congregational life as a friend, but we don't necessarily expect them to feel called to get involved at a deeper level in any other aspect of the wider 24-7 vision.

This section outlines how the international 24-7 Family is led and supported, who the leaders are, and how 24-7 is accountable legally, financially and spiritually.